Automatically Avoid Crashes and Enable Agile DevOps for iOS Apps

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Automatically Avoid App Crashes

Crashes annoy users and lead to negative reviews and loss of users. Crash detection is one tool in your arsenal, but the cycle time of detect, isolate, fix, and publish is on the order of multiple days with iOS apps.  That is simply too slow in today's world where hundreds of user's could post negative reviews in a matter of hours. AgileMobile allows you to easily isolate major features or new code changes that will automatically be tracked for reliability, and if the predictive analytics predicts a reliability issue, it will automatically dial back the percentage of users that have that code enabled so that other users are not affected, resulting in avoiding crashes completely automatically.

Graduate from A/B Testing to DevOps

A/B testing is a powerful way to get real data on if an app change is helping or hurting your goals.  The challenge is deciding what A/B test to run and the time and energy to run each test. With AgileMobile's unique approach of predictive real-time analytics, you can easily A/B test every code change simultaneously.  Roll different changes out to small user samples and assess the impact of each change on goal completion.  If it is making a positive impact, roll it out to your wider user base, all without waiting for another round of AppStore approval process delays.


Avoid negative reviews by automatically isolating the majority of your users from crash prone changes

New Features

Deliver new featues quickly without the fear of negatively impacting reliability or app conversion


Let your users be the map that guide which features actually improve the behavior you want in your app


A/B Test every new feature across a subset of users before rolling out to your entire global user base

Real-Time Interactive Analytics

AgileMobile graphically presents what you need to know to be agile in what features are deployed to how many users, and assess how each feature is affecting the reliability and effectiveness of your app. Dial up the positive features, pull back on the ones that are not working as well as planned, either by causing crashes or negatively affecting your conversion goals, all instantaneous and not requiring AppStore approval cycles.

  • Conversion Rate Analysis

    Provides a graphical view of how each feature you have deployed is affecting your conversion...

  • App Version

    Did the feature update in the latest version actually address the issue or not?...

  • Average Touches To Goal

    How many touches did it take your user to reach your goal? Did the new...

  • OS Version

    Are there issues with conversion on certain OS Versions?...

  • Average Time To Goal

    Holding the attention of your user is difficult.  The longer it takes to complete a...

  • Device Type

    Some designs favor certain device types. Are smaller screens struggling with your screen flow?...



Release your app and yourself from the confines of the AppStore approval process in evaluating new features and begin to use the same agile DevOps methods you use on your website.

Save time and deliver reliable and relevant features faster
Delight your users with features that do not crash and make the app easier to use

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